Dear players,

We are pleased to announce that XIII is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC!

Before diving (back??) in this amazing FPS, we strongly advise you to download the Day One patch already available as we feel it’s essential to experience the game like it was meant to be. Other patches will follow shortly to add some polish to the game.

The teams at Microids and PlayMagic will be paying major attention to your feedbacks in the upcoming weeks. We would like to thank the community for your tremendous support since the project announcement.


  • Fixed various crash issues
  • Fixed various gameplay bugs and issues
  • Fixed various issues surrounding AI and weapons
  • Fixed various graphical issues
  • Fixed and added various UI elements
  • Fixed various gameplay bugs
  • Fixed various issues surrounding AI and weapons
  • Fixed numerous graphical bugs
  • Fixed various issues when resetting from a checkpoint
  • Fixed various UI elements
  • Fixed issues with environmental lighting
  • Fixed issues with character and enemy animations
  • Fixed VFX issues
  • Added Local Multiplayer Mode
  • Numerous small balance tweaks to weapon damage values
  • Minor difficulty scaling changes
  • Tweaks to AI functionality
  • Bug Fixes
  • Fixes for weapon audio bugs
  • Fixes for environmental audio issues
  • Adjustments to cutscene audio



Framerate will be improved in the following locations:

  • Rooftops – Departure
  • Emerald Base – Insertion
  • Emerald base – Rescue
  • Kellownee Lake – Exploration
  • Spads Base – Sabotage
  • Spads base – Destruction
  • Spads Submarine – Evacuation
  • Resolute base – Intrusion
  • Sanctuary – Sunset Sanctuary
  • SSH1 Base – Forbidden Entry


  • NPC AI improvement is planned.

Save System:

  • Will be improved: the player should be able to load his progression at the last checkpoint and with his weapons saved.


  • Will be improved in following locations:
  • FBI Headquarters (Games crashes when FBI agents kills XIII)
  • Spads Base 02 (Game crashes when the character dies in the water)
  • Emerald Base 02 (Game crashes when XIII dies 2 times near ladder with electricity.)
  • Emerald Base 03 (Game crashes when XIII dies 3 times near electric surrounded area)

Graphics :

  • Sometimes, 2D asset may stay on screen indefinitely if triggered before a loading
  • Vsync setting will be added on PS4 and XB1
  • Some 3D models will be improved
  • Lights will be improved on PS4 and XB1


  • Some issues with objective marker might be missing in some levels or stay active even though you finished the objective.
  • “Finish Him” achievement – There are currently issues to unlock this achievement.
  • You could be stuck if you switch the Spying Microphone for a weapon.
  • Player can fail to grab ladder to go down and fall (Pressing A/X/Space mid air to grab the ladder while falling to catch it).
  • Sometimes, ammo can not be picked up.
  • Escort in Prison can be broken.
  • Alarm in Prison/Asylum does not have the behaviour expected.
  • Kellownee Lake Exploration – A deer fails to run away and can get stuck.
  • Sometimes, you can go out of the world if you press the button for crouch at the starting of the mission.
  • Sometimes, Game over message does not match with the condition.


Sound Design:

  • Some voice lines are cut before the end of the dialog.
  • In some parts, some SFX and musics are missing.


  • Switch profile from Xbox menu issue:

There is an issue if you change profile on the main menu by disconnecting the profile in the Xbox menu and connect to the another profile. If you are stuck on the main menu, please relaunch the game.

  • Launching the game without first signing into Xbox profile issue:

There is an issue if you launch the game without signing into an Xbox profile. You could be stuck on the title screen. If this issue occurs, please close the game and relaunch it with a profile connected.

  • Newly signed in user can continue the previous user progression issue:

There is an issue if you change your profile from the Xbox menu during an active gameplay. If you are able to continue the previous user progression, please relaunch the game with your new profile.