You are a young home designer who have just created your own agency and aim to become the best. Listen to your client needs and start renovating and decorating choosing the right style to match their personality. As you fulfill your objectives and earn people’s trust, your fame will grow, and you’ll get more projects and more possibilities. Take your paint brush and your tool belt and start decorating to create the most warm and stylish homes.

Paint, furniture, style, interior design, you choose every details

You start your own agency as a young interior designer and receive your first clients in your office. Discuss with them to discover their dreams, preferences, and expectations for their house. Once the project has been defined, you will have to renovate their home and fulfill the objectives of the mission to satisfy your client. The more pleased your client is the more your fame and level increase and the more you will unlock new items, styles, decoration possibilities and bigger projects. Continue like that and you will soon become the most famous designer in town! 

Either to work on a client’s project or to design your own, choose between the renovation mode or the decoration mode.

In renovation mode, modify the house’s structure by destroying or building walls, remove the parquet or tiles, paint, change the lining, repair the electricity, or add a water supply. Then switch to the decoration mode to select and place furniture, plants, carpets, wallpapers, curtains and so on. It’s up to you to give a real personality to the house.  

Feel free to work on your own projects whenever you want. You can choose the structure of your house: Flat, studio, house or duplex and decorate as you wish. 

  • Male or female, customize and name your character and create your agency. It’s your story to write.
  • Renovate, make over and decorate your clients’ house in accordance with their personality and fulfill the objectives to level up
  • Play mini-games and micro-actions around renovation work
  • Unlock new items and decoration as you level up and design your own house
  • Discover a large variety of styles, wall and floor lining and furniture to express your creativity
  • Developed by: Magic Pockets
  • Release date: November 4th, 2021
  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, consoles Xbox One and PC/Mac
  • Type of game: Life simulation
  • Languages: EnglishFrench, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch
  • Number of player: 1