Discover or re-discover, the emblematic block breaker game in a fully modernized version! Classic elements from the franchise will definitely make a comeback, with a brand-new look, new rules, as well as new effects, bonuses and features! Including, for the very first time, a Battle Royale mode called “Eternal Battle”.

Guaranteed to take veteran players by surprise!

Arkanoid – Eternal Battle is an iconic arcade game, developed by TAITO Corporation in 1986. When the mother ship ARKANOID comes under attack, the small spacecraft VAUS manages to escape but ends up warped into another dimension. Wandering in an inter-dimensional labyrinth, VAUS must destroy blocks called “spacewalls” in order to defeat “DOH”, the creator of the maze responsible for ARKANOID’s destruction.

Arkanoid – Eternal Battle, developed by the talented French studio Pastagames marks the return of the iconic block breaker game.

For the first time ever, players will be able to compete against each other, offering an online experience thanks to the Eternal Battle mode, the main new feature of this game, brining the arcade experience to a whole new level. This Battle Royale mode offers the possibility to compete among 25 players online.

Arkanoid is one of the most accessible, if not, the most accessible game in the history. The concept remains simple, but you’ll will face level after level an increase of progressive difficulty.

  • A brand-new artistic direction and new surprising features, items and powers, conceived by the famous French studio Pastagames
  • 4 Game Modes, including: 2 single-player modes (Neo & Retro) and 2 multiplayer modes, Local Versus and Eternal Battle.
    • NEO (1-player): A new game mode. Same Gameplay as   the classic  Arkanoid Game with new power-ups and new spacewalls.
    • RETRO (1 player): Discover a part of History through a vintage Arcade Cabinet.
    • VERSUS (2-4 players): Players competing on the same screen (split-screen) based on the Neo mode gameplay.
    • ETERNAL BATTLE (25 players): Players competing online,   the last  player standing wins the game. Champions can use special powers to take the advantage during the game.
    • Each Season (approx. 1 month), Champions will try to   reach the highest grade.
  • High replay-value, thanks to the new Battle Royale mode, play online and face opponents around the world
  • Adaptative and progressive original soundtrack, composed by Xavier Thiry
  • Cross-play feature, enable players being able to use each different hardware/console to play with each other
  • Dedicated online Leaderboard in the 3 main modes (Solo Neo, Retro, and Battle Royale) will be available at launch, highlighting   the players’ highest scores.
  • Developed by: Pastagames
  • Release date: October 2022
  • Platforms: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, consoles Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC
  • Type of game: Arcade – Battle Royale
  • Languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, Turkish, Traditional Chinese and Czech
  • Number of player: 1 to 4 players – 25 (Battle Royale)