In the case of your are stuck in a stage of the game (camera, puzzle, etc...) if you are unable to reload a save at the previous stage, please follow the following steps:

- Go to the folder C:\Users\*YOUR PROFILE*\AppData\Roaming\SyberiaTWB

Please note that the "AppData" folder is hidden and will not show up by default. It can be viewed by changing your folder options.

- locate the file "save.bin" this is your backup. Copy the file to a folder of your choice, so you can find it easily.

- now locate the "segment" file corresponding to the previous step, using the date for example.

(example file: "save_04_Segment_Present02.bin") copy and paste this file then rename it to "save.bin"

- restart the game

- use "Continue" to load your game

This will place you at the previous stage and you can play that game again without issue.

If you still have a camera or video issue, try this when you restart your game:

- select your profile and go to video options

- disable V-Synch and leave the options

- use "Continue" to load your game

Our teams can also provide you with a backup, you can contact them by making a ticket or by email: